The Continuing Department helps Connect People to Christ and His Church through groups that share commonalities. These groups help facilitate partners Continuing in Study on a regular basis.

The Men's Ministry encourages Christian men to build strong relationships with other men, develop Christian leadership skills, advance in individual spiritual growth, and fulfill their role in the church and family.

The Women's Ministry seeks to challenge women to pursue unity & harmony through spiritual, physical, and emotional growth thus affecting the church, the family, and the community. For more information about the women's ministry contact Sis Ora White at

For Christ I live, for His purpose I remain. Exodus 19:5-6 Contact for more information.

The Sunday School (Word Wiser) division is designed as the Christian Education training program for Springhill. We show our commitment to growing people through offering small group Bible Study sessions designed to enhance the spiritual growth of the fellowship. Classes are held every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM in assigned Multipurpose Classrooms.

Formally (Y.A.M.), this ministry is an energetic group reaching out and in to people 18-29, an under represented age group in the faith community. Through an exciting college outreach ministry, singles fellowships, bible study and Open Mic events, we are raising a new generation of faithful servants, who are excited about the Lord. Our Mission is to aide with the development of young adults in becoming the people God called us to be. Living our days reflecting as a model of God's love, power, will, and grace among His maturing saints.

This ministry is designed to meet the spiritual needs of teenagers ages 13 to 18. We engage in monthly team building spiritual development meetings.