Welcome to Springhill!

Thank you for your interest in our fellowship. When you visit Springhill you'll find a dynamic ministry made of people from varied races, backgrounds, and ages. We are a loving group of people working together to experience God in new ways continually.

The Springhill Church is an exciting and vibrant community church in the heart of Gainesville, FL. Serving for more than 130 years has made her mainstay in the community. Encompassing a membership of more than 700 parishioners, this fellowship represents a healthy cross-section of the greater Alachua County region.

Church members represent the medical, professional services, public utilities, construction, government, law enforcement, and various other industries. Additionally, all age groups are well represented in this intergenerational church. It is common to find an intermingling of seniors, middle-aged, young adults, youth and children each Sunday. Springhill is a Bible believing, preaching, teaching, and practicing church.

Through our electrifying choirs and dynamic praise team you’ll experience an amazing time of worship directed to God Himself. The Upreach Ministries of Springhill seek to lead and facilitate a worshipful environment for those who are in attendance each week.

Pastor Taylor's messages are centered around God’s Word. Using the Bible he explains in practical terms how God expects us to live. Helping people come to know Christ, love Him and follow Him is what Pastor Taylor strives to do each week.

Wakening Worship begins at 8:00AM on Sundays and dismisses in time for 9:30 AM Sunday School. Corporate Worship begins at 10:45 and ends around 12:45 PM. The message times run about 30 minutes.

At Springhill we encourage you to come as you are. God sees the heart and that's what we care about.